Health & spa

There are 15 spas and thermal resorts currently registered in Bosnia and Herzegovina as health care institutions. Their use has a long tradition as the healing properties of thermal springs in BiH goes back in centuries.
We offer you all of them.



21348c958bba9de282e72cab4f0b70811012ff341f0d8b9a6680db5c1b3b3d56If you are looking for an acupuncture with the practice of traditional Chinese medicine or hijama - Arabic medicine we offer an medical treatment with healthcare professionals. 

We offer massage therapy which includes various types and techniques based on Your needs and physical condition


Tour & smile

Beside spa tourism we offer you medical tourism, especially, dental care with worlds best dentists, and really good prices



With us as your guides, the goal is to  remain true to your healthy lifestyle goals and vision-based history. We can take you to the all Bosnian pharmacies until you find medicines from Europe you are  looking for. 


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