Day 1 - from Sarajevo to Bjelasnica

Our journey through Bosnia will begin in Sarajevo, the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina, surrounded by the Olympic mountains, placed in the valley of Miljacka river.

It is the home of Nobel prize winners, Oscar winners, sports champions... It hosts world famous music, film and drama festivals, and welcomes all sorts of world renowned artists, from U2 to Milan's scale chorus. Being Bosnia's most important city, it has felt the full impact of Bosnia's century long reputation of being the point in Europe where East meets West. Because of this, the city is famous for its traditional religious diversity, with adherents of Islam, Orthodoxy, Catholicism and Judaism coexisiting there for centuries.


Day 2 - Neka druga planina
A nice walk through the nature will relax your senses and make you breathe in the fresh Bosnian air..
Vrelo Bosne is just outside of Sarajevo, it's a peaceful oasis with freezing cold spring water and lovely parkland
and Bijambare Speleological Area is a protected natural site located northeast of Sarajevo on Sarajevo-Tuzla Highway (approximately 40 km from Sarajevo). Bijambare Caves is a speleological complex surrounded by thick conifer forest, two brooks, small lakes, several springs and a great variety of mushrooms, medicinal herbs and some rare endemic species. The area is ideal for outdoor picnics, hunting, fishing, hiking, speleological research...




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